4 Simple Steps for a More Organized Home.

Start the new year with a new home, well kind of, what i mean is that the new year is the best time to get rid of the old and bring in the new, give your home a lift up and start the new year with a cleaner, much organized and beautiful home.

  1. Reorganize a few rooms at your house.
We all try to keep everything organized at home, but with work and kids things start piling up and what used to be a beautiful room today looks more like a storage.
  • Choose as many rooms as you want, i for example chose two, let’s start with my kitchen.
  • I had to make room to storage the Holiday Tableware, so I decided to  reorganize my cabinets and pantry.
  • I also rearrange the kitchen, take a look at the before and after photos.

As you can see ,I only made a few changes by rearranging my toaster and blender, i also added a set of stainless steal containers i had in my pantry, this way they are right there when i need them, plus they look great!

  • The second room I chose was my children’s, I needed to make space for all the toys Santa brought so this was the perfect time to clean and reorganize their room, the best part is that it didn’t take me so much time.

2. Technology can make your homes smarter. Smart homes are not a thing of the future anymore, they’re a growing trend and it’s time to discover what awaits you if you choose a smart home. It will kepp your house not only organized but safe.

3.Start by rearranging some of the things, (furniture, pictures, books etc.) for example take a look at these before and after pictures or their desk,

  • As you can see i took away the books and added a few toys my kids use a lot,  plus because they are so colorful they look great.
  • Since I took away the books from the desk, i put them all in the book shelves but this time i bought a stand ($20 at Target) so my kids can reach the books.
 4. When i was reorganizing i also thought about the things my children use the most, such as puzzles and computers, i placed those where they can reach them, so they don’t have to call me every time they need something,
5. Another thing i did, was to make space in my TV room, where we spend most of the time and play table games, so instead of having to go to my kids room to get them, they are now in a cabinet ,  right by our sofa.
As you can see these are very simple things you can do around the house to give it a new look and as you know every time we feel our house is organized the day looks brighter, so why not start 2012 feeling great about the place we spend most of our time.
Happy Re-Organizing!


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