5 Reasons to Take Amtrak on Your Next Trip

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Have you ever taken a trip on Amtrak? If you haven’t, here’s why you should.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take the Amtrak train from San Diego to Irvine, California instead of driving and I was impressed of how amazing and fun a train ride can be. My youngest son and myself took the Amtrak train to meet my husband and my oldest son in Irvine which is a less than 2 hours trip,  but time goes so fast when you’re having fun that I wish our trip would have been longer and here are 5 Reasons to Take Amtrak on Your Next Trip


The seats are extremely comfortable! They’re spacious, they recline and your can comfortably extend your legs and they have the pull-out tables.

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Free! Wi-Fi

Since there’s FREE WiFi on board the Amtrak trains, I was able to work on my vlog and my boy was also entertained playing video games on the Ipad, there are also standard  110-volt electrical power outlets by your seat, so I wasn’t worried about running out of battery.

wifi and charger

Food and Beverages Service

Hungryor in a mood for a drink? At Cafe Car the offer a variety of carry-out style foods, including sandwiches, pizza, snacks, and beverages including liquor, wine and beer. You can enjoy the food at the seating table or in the comfort of your seat, like we did.


Gorgeous Views

The whole point of taking the Amtrak instead of driving is to relax and with this gorgeous who’s not going to relax!



My #1 reason of why I LOVE taking a trip on Amtrak,  is because my son and I had so much fun! We were so relaxed when we reached our destination that seriously, we didn’t want to get off the train!


Amtrak has  more than 30 train routes throughout the United States and travels to over 500 destinations in 46 states and it has the best views North America has to offer. When traveling by train you are not only saving money, (I paid $36 one trip for both of us) it’s a lot cozier than a flight and the Holidays are a perfect time to plan a trip on Amtrak, book your next train ride today!

For more information on Amtrak routes, schedules and cost visit: Amtrak.com


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