5 Things I Like and Dislike of Man of Steel

This is not a sponsored post. I received 4 tickets to attend a special screening of Man of Steel.

man of steel review

I’ll start by saying, overall I loved Man of Steel and Henry Cavill who plays him, he’s YUMMY! The film  has all the perfect ingredients to be a hit and I’m sure it will. It was so exciting to see a remake of one of my favorite movies but with all the new technology and in 3D, so here’s what I like and dislike of the film.

man of steel review

What I like:

  • And old story with a fresh and new twist: Man of Steel , it’s the same basic story; Planet of Krypton gets destroyed and Superman it’s sent to earth to protect it, but in Man of Steel  you’ll really learn about  Clark Kent’s childhood, how his superpowers impacted him as a child and teen and this is interesting, no one calls him Superman until almost the end of the movie.
  • Man of Steel is a family man: I think of my favorite parts of the movie is Clark’s relationship with his father played superbly by Kevin Costner who WILL MAKE YOU CRY. Is that relationship that makes  Man of Steel human and you’ll easily relate to his feelings.

man of steel review

  • A Real story in Real Time: If you see a man flying, would you say? “Is that a bird, an airplane? no it’s Superman!” No, right? You’ll probably be scared or wouldn’t know what to say, that’s exactly what happens on Man of Steel, in fact at some point Superman is considered an enemy, because he’s an unknown species.
  • Superman in 3D! Ahat else there’s to say! If watching Superman flying over New York City in 1978 was and still is exciting for you, imagine watching the Man of Steel flying and fighting the bad guys with all the new technology and in 3D that makes you feel like you’re IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION, it’s truly amazing!

man of steel review

What I Dislike:

Talking than Action: Don’t take me wrong, there’s plenty of action, but if you’re are expecting to see Superman flying,  lifting cars and preventing robberies from the beginning of the film like it happens on the 1978 Superman movie, it will not happen. The story of Man of Steel takes a bit longer to see Superman flying, fighting and using his superpowers. The movie goes back and forth between present and past time and explains how Superman’s parents played by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner help  Clark Kent’s blend int society, there are funny and sad moments. It does take 1 hour to see real action and as the mother (The film is PG) of a 6 and 4 year old was a bit difficult because they were getting desperate, but once the action scenes started they couldn’t take their eyes off the screen.

man of steel

I have to admit, I though I was going to miss admiring Christoper Reeve’s blue eyes, but Henry Cavill fits perfectly in the character and his chemistry with Amy Adams who plays a very modern Lois Lane it’s amazing.

man of steel review

The Man of Steel STILL IS, the Man of Steel and I have no doubt it will be at the box office this weekend and as they suggested at the end of the film I believe there’s Man of Steel for years to come, which I’m very excited!

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14th. Watch thew trailer below!




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