7 Things to Pack for New York Fashion Week

I received a Porto Vino Wine Bag for Review.

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to New York Fashion Week you must be ecstatic like I was last year when I was invited for the first time.

New York Fashion week, it’s truly an experience like no other! From the shows, celebrities and ambience, but you must prepare yourself and make sure you got everything you need to enjoy NYFW.

Here are 7 things you must bring to New York Fashion Week, I learned are a must when I attended last year.

Amazing and Comfortable Shoes

Is Fashion week in New York! So expect to see the most amazing shoes and you must also look AMAZING! Wear colorful, super cool and fashionable shoes maybe they’re not very comfortable, so pack another cool pair of flats even sneakers, just make sure they’re incredibly fashionable!

A Statement Handbag

I love bags! And you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous bags you’ll see at NYFW. Some days I like to bring a big handbag for days when I know I won’t be stopping at the hotel in between events,  that way I can fit extra pair of shoes, snacks, bottle of water etc..And this year carrying a stylish bag got even better with Porto Vino Wine Bag,  believe me, you’ll need a cocktail after all the craziness of New York Fashion Week.

Besides being fashionable, chic and gorgeous, The Porto Vino Wine Bag, allows you to bring your wine everywhere in a secret compartment.

The exterior flap of the Porto Vino bag  conceals the pouring spout until you’re ready to party. The secret insulated compartment holds a removable 1.5 liter reservoir for your favorite wine or beverage, how amazing is this, Cheers on the go!

I also pack a crossbody bag, this is another mist. A crossbody won’t kill my shoulder and works great for day, dinners and night time event.

The Most Amazing Dress

You must go all the way if you want to stand out, so find that fabulous dress or maybe you already own one that you think it might be too crazy, well for NYFW nothing is prohibited, the more original you’re when it comes to clothes the better, of course always go with what you can wear and the style that fits you. Maybe even break the bank and buy an amazing dress, for that special party.

Fabulous Jeans

Jeans are a must, you won’t want to wear a dress everyday, but fabulous jeans will look as amazing if you pair them with an amazing top, jacket, scarf, accessories and of course fabulous heels.

Layering Pieces

I’m all about layers and during New York Fashion Week I go all the way. A vest a jacket could give that dress or top a totally different cool look, so pack up the suede, leather-ish our cool items you might be waiting to wear, remember NYFW is about creating your own look.

Juice Power

Do NOT forget your phone chargers. Either bring a few or one that will give you at least 5 or 6 hours. During NYWF you’re constantly using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and texting — my phone usually hits 5% battery life by the middle of the day, so you gotta be prepared. Besides Portable Phone Chargers,  I always bring my wall charger. Believe me you don’t want to run out of juice power in the middle of your favorite fashion show.

You gotta pack lots of snacks! Don’t try to compete with the models who are also starving I bet. But between shows, appointments and meetings you won’t have time to stop and eat lunch. Shoot for healthy snacks such as Protein bars, my NEW favorite is ONE BAR, it has 20 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar! I have no idea how they make them taste so good, I’m obsessed with the Birthday Cake flavor it truly tastes like cake. Also bring almonds, dry fruit, I like cheese strings and don’t forget a bottle of water.

That’s it! I hope my tips help you make the most of it of The New York Fashion Week and If you have any tips, please share them with us!



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