Aquatica Waterpark, 5 Tips Before You Go & During Your Visit.

I was a guest of Aquatica Waterpark by Seaworld. My opinions are my own.

Aquatica Waterpark in Chula Vista, Ca is one of my boys’ favorite things to do during the summer.Located in Chula Vista, 23 miles south of SeaWorld is the largest and most lush water park in San Diego county.WATCH THE VIDEO!

Last week we spent all day at the southbay waterpark and it was the perfect summer day, the weather was perfection and my kids and friends had the best Splash-Time!

To make your visit to Aquatica Waterpark more enjoyable here are 5 Tips Before You Go and During Your Visit.

1. What to Bring and Not Bring

Aquatica Waterpark does not allow any outside food or drinks, they’re pretty strict about it. You can bring water bottles and maybe a couple of snacks but they might get confiscated at the entrance when security check your bags.

Aquatica Food & Beverage Policy:

“Outside food and beverage, glass containers and hard or soft coolers may not be taken into the park.  Outside beverages, including teas, sodas, alcoholic beverages, etc) in any size container are not permitted.  One bottle of water 20 oz or less per guest may be taken into the park. Reusable bottles must be emptied before entering the park. Guests who wish to enjoy their own outside food and beverages are invited to dine in our picnic area, conveniently located in the main parking lot. Cooking food, either in the parking lot or in our picnic area, is not permitted. If leaving the park to enjoy your food, please have your entry ticket and hand stamped for re-admittance.  Guests with specific dietary restrictions or baby formula should speak with a team member at the Bag Check area for assistance.”

2. What You Should Bring

  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • Water resistant bag for phone and wallet (So you can take it with you on the slides)
  • There are lockers in the park so you can securely place your belongings while enjoying the water slides.
  • Life vests of all sizes are available at no extra charge (and recommended for kids under 42 inches tall).

3. Get to Aquatica Waterpark Early

Is always better to get there as soon as they open because it could get very busy, specially sunny days. As soon as you get into the waterpark find chairs available where you would like to spend your day. Placed your towels, people are usually very respectful. We never had anything stolen, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving any valuable or your wallet, use the lockers instead. You can also rent a cabana for some shade and privacy, but they’re pricey.

4. Cashless Wristbands

With Cashless Wristbands you can make purchases all day without carrying cash. You can set up a spending account using your credit card or cash, Aquatica will pre-authorize $50. When this amount is used, the system will automatically pre-authorize for another $50.  In return, you’ll be issued waterproof wristbands for the whole family which you can use  to charge purchases throughout the park.

5. Popular Waterslides, First or Last

There are 18 waterslides at Aquatica plus smaller slides for tots and kids. Between Whanau Way, Woohoo Falls and Kiwi Curl—there are eight twisting tube slides and four open-air twirling waterslides. Some of my kids’ favorite rides are the most popular (Of course!) My recommendation is to start with those slides  as soon as you get to the waterpark or about 1hr to 30 minutes before closing time, when most of the visitors left the waterpark. My kids were able to ride 3 slides in 30 minutes at the end of the day with no wait!

I hope these tips are helpful and you can enjoy your Apalshy day at Aquatica Waterpark by Seaworld in San Diego, CA. Got a tip? Would love to hear it!

For more information like hours, tickets and pricing visit Aquatica by Seaworld











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