Best Cities to Celebrate Halloween in the U.S! Is yours on the List?

best cities to celebrate halloween

Halloween is big in every city, but according to a new study by MyLife, Chula Vista, California is the 3rd best place to celebrate! Chula Vista residents are lucky to have a plethora of costume stores and trick-or-treaters at their disposal. Here’s what MyLife had to say:

best cities to celebrate halloween

“SoCal Halloweens are legendary for their outlandishness, so it makes sense that the most Southern big California city finds their way to number three on our list. Chula Vista, exactly halfway between San Diego and the Mexican border, could easily make the case for most diverse All Hallow’s Eve celebrations as well. The city is very excited, as they ranked seventh in tweets per capita.”
Read more on MyLife to see who made the #1 spot!


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