Bilingual Made Easy for Kids with Wubbzy y el Tren Loco App

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Cupcake Digital. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

wubzzy y el tren loco app

I grew up in Tijuana, Mexico speaking Spanish and being bilingual has opened lots of doors for me, that’s why  one of my goals is for my 2 boys to be 100% bilingual, but I’m always looking for a little bit of help and motivation and as you know I always say, kids learn better and faster when they’re having fun and that’s why Wubbzy y el Tren Loco App it’s perfect!

From the 1st day I introduced Wubbzy y el Tren Loco App to my kids, they loved it! They were already a familiar with Wubbzy plus they’re huge fans of trains, so imagine their happiness.

wubzzy y el tren loco app

Wubbzy y el Tren Loco App was created by two Latina moms, Jennifer Powers and Carmen Hernandez from Cupcake Digital, who like most of us, are always looking for ways to motivate their children to learn and speak Spanish in this video you can see how it works and how much fun my kids have using it and how much they’re learning.



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