Christopher Robin a Sweet and Funny Nostalgic Trip

I grew up reading, watching and listening to Winnie the Pooh so I was very excited when I heard Disney was making a  live-action movie based on the sweetest bear. Christopher Robin in theaters August 3rd is nothing like I thought it would be. it’s a sweet and funny nostalgic trip nostalgic trip through our childhood.

Christopher Robin is not same story that we already know, this Disney story focuses on Christopher Robin, who’s now a dad and returns to Hundred Acre Woods as an adult played by Ewan McGregor to discover it had barely changed a bit when on the other side Christopher has changed a lot and forgot what is like to be happy.

At the  beginning of the movie,  Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh were polar opposites, I love this because it makes the film more believable, since Christopher Robin had been away from Hundred Acre Woods for decades, in all of the previous Winnie the Pooh stories, Christopher Robin and Pooh were almost always on the same page. I was totally relatable to this twist to the movie and it would be for any adult who watched Winnie the Pooh as a kid. This part of the movie certainly helped to keep the movie incredibly interesting.

I also loved seeing all of the animal characters and of course, Pooh was the star of the show. Seeing Eeyore, Piglet’s anxiety and Tigger’s pride reminded me why we all loved Winnie the Pooh stories so much and why Pooh represents everything good in this world. He teaches us to appreciate the little things and to take the time to appreciate what you have. Great message for anyone, especially to kids.

Ewan McGregor is amazing in the film, his acting is phenomenal considering that a majority of his co-stars were CGI stuffed animals. He’s both funny and believable. As the movie progresses McGregor becomes more like Pooh in a natural, yet still entertaining manner.

Visually the movie is gorgeous! The color scheme Disney used is very interesting, is a desaturated look with a gorgeous red tint to it. It made the sunset scenes in Hundred Acre Wood absolutely beautiful!

The latest live-action movie from Walt Disney Pictures is a truly heartwarming experience that any Disney fan will enjoy.  Christopher Robin, is enjoyable and touching. The perfect family movie!


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