Coachella 2018 Fashion Trends and What to Bring

I received a Porto Vino bag and Two Pairs of STS Blue Jeans for Review.

I love the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival  is so full of great vibe, music, higg energy ambience and of course celebrities and amazing parties!

If you’re planning on attending the biggest party of the California Desert, there are some things should you know before you go, first is hot! This time a year in the California Desert is usually between 80 and 100 degrees! So be prepared!

Coachella, it’s truly an experience like no other! From the concerts, parties, celebrities and ambience, it’s so fun.

But the Fashion is big part of this famous party in the desert, so here are the 2018 Coachella Fashion Trends and  things you must bring to Festival to enjoy all the fun!

2018 Coachella Fashion

Flower power, matching clothes, Body glitter and denim, some of the most popular fashion trends at the 2018 Coachella valley Music and Arts Festival.

Flower Power

It’s spring flower power is in full swing and this year ate Coachella you’ll see them everywhere, from floral prints tops, floral gowns, pants and shirts, woman ad men are rocking the flowers


Denim is always a big trend at Coachella, from shorts to jeans. This year my favorite pair of jeans are from STS Blue Jeans, the Emma Ankle-Raw Frayed Hem color North Antham ($55.00)

They don’t only look amazing! They fit perfectly, like e glove. They’re super comfortable and stylish. A must for this season.

Another denim piece I love,  the STS Blue Mini Messy Frayed Short ,Mandeville Wash. ($48.00)

Matching Colors

This is an eyecatching trend, matching shirts and shorts or pants. I love my Emma Ankle-Raw Rrayed Hem in salmon color ($55.00) Perfect for the spring, so I matched my jeans with a short pink lace top, great for the hot desert weather!

Lace me up!

Lace is huge this year and I’m so happy because I love lace. From tops, cover ups, dresses even pants made of lace, fringe, netting is a big trend this year.


We love jewels but this year the big trend is body glitter, woman are wearing them on their arms, shoulders even faces. I got mine from Sugar LULU which I’m planning on wearing this weekend.


When the thermometer is in the 90’s nothing better than to wear your hair up, this year opt for a braid, french braids are the Coachella hair trend, short, long and even longer braids are everywhere in the desert these days

Amazing but Comfortable Shoes

If you’re wearing an amazing outfit, you need amazing shoes, but if you’re going to be walking lots, thing comfortable such as flats or super cute and fashionable sneakers like the ones my friend Caroline wore last weekend to Coachella.

A Statement Handbag

I love bags! And you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous bags you’ll see at Coachella. A stylish is a must as well as wine so  this I’m year carrying a Porto Vino Wine Bag!

Besides being fashionable, chic and gorgeous, The Porto Vino Wine Bag, allows you to bring your wine everywhere in a secret compartment.

The exterior flap of the Porto Vino bag  conceals the pouring spout until you’re ready to party. The secret insulated compartment holds a removable 1.5 liter reservoir for your favorite wine or beverage, how amazing is this, Cheers on the go!

Little White Dress

Another Coachella trend this year is the little white dress. So simple but it makes a statement. So if you feel like wearing a dress go for white, lace works great or amazing sleeves or strapless, make sure is sexy!

What to Bring to Coachella.

Besides looking amazing! There are some things you’ll need to enjoy the music and arts festival.

Juice Power

Do NOT forget your phone chargers. Either bring a few or one that will give you at least 5 or 6 hours. During Coachella you’re constantly using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and texting — my phone usually hits 5% battery life by the middle of the day, so you gotta be prepared. Besides Portable Phone Chargers,  I always bring my wall charger. Believe me you don’t want to run out of juice power in the middle of the desert fun and celebrity sighting!

You gotta some  snacks! Although there’s some food at the parties and for sale, Coachella is a busy party and sometimes you forget to eat because all the fun so  shoot for healthy snacks such as Protein bars, my NEW favorite is ONE BAR, it has 20 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar! I have no idea how they make them taste so good, I’m obsessed with the Birthday Cake flavor it truly tastes like cake. A protein bag won’t take much space in you bag and it will save you from starvation!

That’s it! I hope my tips help you make the most of  Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and If you have any tips, please share them with us!



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