Creative Ideas to Throw a Show Your Disney Side Birthday Party

Creative ideas to throw a Disney Side birthday party
As a Social Media Mom I was lucky enough to be chosen to throw a Show Your Disney Side Party and we decided to throw a birthday party for my 6 year old son, it was the best birthday party ever!

Show Your Disney Side with props and green screen
Some guests dressed up but everyone showed their Disney Side at the party with Disney props I made and using a green screen I was able to produced this amazing photos which we sent to our guests as thank you card using the HP photo paperI received in my Disney Side box.

Decorations, food and games ideas for a Disney Side Party
Everything was Disney inspired! For decorations, I wanted to show our Disney memories in a very creative way, so I printed about 100 photos of our Disney trips and used to made banners that were hanging across the ceiling and hanging from balloons, it was so inexpensive to create and our guests loved looking at our pictures. Each of our sections had their own snacks, we had Cars, princess and Mickey inspired snacks, I got the idea to make the Mickey Mouse tomatoes from the Disney Side Celebrations websitewhere for you can find lots of ideas on hosting a Disney celebration of your own!

Show Your Disney Side cupcakes
For the cake we chose some of our favorite Disney characters and  La Bone Creme made the cutest cupcakes and I made the sign and called it “CarlosLAND”  The games were also a hit! While girls showed their princess Disney side, boys raced at the “CARSlosland” using my kids remote control cars  and small cars on the ramp you see on the picture, which I made  using a bench, hot wheels tracks, yard sticks and double sided tape, so easy to make and kids loved it! Kids also played, “Put the smile on Mickey” and “Fill the Tea Cup” Watch the kids playing and all the decorations!

Showing your Disney Side through art birthday party
The kids even got to Show Their Disney Side through art! I wanted our guests to take home something that will inspire them to plan a trip to a Disney park, that’s how I came up with the idea of a Disney picture hanging in their room. And how  amazing are the Disney ears! Kids got to choose from four different styles and with a little bit of help of Jesi from Art by Jesi., kids decorated their Disney ears and wrote their names on them. Kids and parents loved it!

Ideas to throw a Show Your Disney Side birthday party
Carlos, my birthday boy had the best time ever, he said it was the best day of his life! Seriously it was a magical day. Either if you’re planning or thinking about having a Disney Side party WATCH the video to get ideas to throw the most magical party. Did I mentioned my charismatic son narrates how much fun he had?

For more Disney Side party ideas, visit and Disney Side Celebrations websiteand  follow the Hashtag #DisneySide on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Special thanks to:

Art by Jesi. Jesica Shiffer-Defer  made sure everyone showed their Disney Side through art in the most magical way, using their Disney inspiration.

La Bone Creme. Alide Macías who created the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes I’ve ever seen.

Official disclosure: As a Social Media Mom, I received free products from Disney Parks in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.





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