Tailgating and Football Season Entertaining Tips.

Football Season is back and you know what that means, barbecues, and beer and yes a lot of cheerleading!

Throwing a tailgating party is easy but what’s not easy is to do it with style. Stand out from the rest and be the host everyone remembers.

Your tailgating party could go from simple to a mini or big production, which ever you choose take the following tips in consideration:

1. Santa Does It, Why Don’t You. Make A List And Check It Twice.

 You need a game day list and a master list for everything you want to include in your party, so if you are out and about you can pick up things up instead of rushing the day before the party.

2. Delegation Is A Key. Make The Party A Family And Friends Effort.

 We know you’re superwoman, but if you’re going through all this preparation don’t you think you have the right to have fun?

Assign duties to family members and friends and name them:

  •  The Grillmaster

He will be in charge of not only the cooking but making sure the grill is ready for game day, I mean clean, you don’t want to cook over the grease of last year’s hot dogs right?

This task is easier thanks to the powerful lineup of Dawn’s dishwashing liquid that tackles tough tailgating and game day messes and instead of having to soak the grill in hot water and Dawn OXI overnight, you only need 5 minutes and the grease is gone.

  •  The Condiments and Appetizer boss

No tailgating is complete without chips and sauces.

  • The T-DJ (T for Tailgating)

He will be in charge to put together good music compilations, bring the boom box, amplifier etc.

  •  The Beer Master.

He makes sure everyone has their cup filled and at the same time makes sure no underage drinking is permitted.

3.   Food Planning

 If you’re lucky everyone will like to eat the same meat, but if you’re in the same situation as my family where everyone wants something different, here are some tips:

  •  Tell your tailgaters to bring their preferred meat with them and make sure there’s enough for everyone.
  • Prepare your meat a day in advance, is it’s burgers make sure they are no thicker than 3/4 inch and freeze your patties between sheets of wax paper.
  • For “Carne Asada” or Barbeque Chicken, marinate your meat 24 hours prior to game day, put it in a container or (Zip Lock Bag) and refrigerate.

4.   Cooler Planning

 This task is as important as the food planning, a tailgating party with no COLD drinks is like a hot dog with no bun.

  •  Get a cooler with wheels.
  • Tie a bottle opener to one handle on each of the coolers so it doesn’t get lost.
  • Put dry ice in the bottom of the cooler, which keeps the rest of the ice from melting.
  • Freeze bottles of water. The day of the game, pop it into the cooler. This way you will not only have plenty of cold water to drink, the frozen bottles will also keep other drinks cool and you won’t “water down” your cooler like ice will.

5. Bags Vs. Containers

 It’s time to go and for some reason nothing fits like it did when you packed at home.

  • To makes this task easier opt for Zip Lock Bags (Make sure to get the freezer bag version, you need something tough) instead of plastic containers, this way you can throw away the bag after all the meat, potato salad and hot dogs are served and if leftovers, the bags save a lot of space in your coolers.

6. The Perfect Tailgating Space

You arrive at the stadium and start talking to your friends and in the meantime the tailgaters next to you have already set their tables and chairs and you’re left with a tiny space.

To avoid getting into a discussion (No one wants to ruin game day) assign duties to the people in your car, One will set the chairs, other the food table, cooler, tent, grilling area etc.

 7.Don’t get lost in the crowd

 In the middle of a stadium parking lot where there are at least 15,000 cars could be difficult for your friends to find you.

Make sure to have a plan for your group to meet you, a good idea is to get some mylar balloons and attach them to a long, very long string that will show were your crowd is located.

If you want to go over the top, have a banner made and be creative choosing a name for your tailgating party.

8.   Don’t let the mess ruin the fun

Football Season and tailgating also means a lot of greasy dishes, but don’t get discourage there are things you can do to avoid the mess:

  •  Before the Tailgating Party:

While preparing the food at home, don’t use dozens of utensils, take out only the ones you’ll need, for example, use a knife to cut the meat, clean it and cut the cheese.

If the husband is doing the cooking give him what he needs, otherwise you’ll end up with a pile of dirty dishes and spoons to wash.

  • Save Money, Time, and take care of your hands while cleaning up the mess.

Tailgating could be expensive if we don’t choose “Double Duty” products that will not only save you money but also time in the kitchen.

That’s why I love, the powerful lineup of Dawn’s dishwashing liquid which cut grease and dissolve tough foods with only a tiny bit of Dawn Bleach Alternative, plus the liquid soap is so gentle on your hands that after washing the dishes I don’t have to rush to apply cream on my hands.


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