Don’t Fall Off The Wagon. Tips to Keep your 2017 Healthy Resolutions

Did you know, February 2nd is “Fall Off the Wagon Day” when most people completely drop off their resolutions! A little bit more than 30 days ago we made our 2017 resolutions,visits to gym are up 36% and fast food sales are down 13%

Well for most Americans those resolutions are starting to go out the window, research shows that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

“Fall Off the Wagon Day”

“Fall Off the Wagon Day” is the first Thursday of February , starting this day, we stop working out and eating unhealthy, we start to let it go and from here things just start getting worse and February 12th is the highest fast food visit day of the year.

Don’t Fall Off The Wagon! Here are simple tips  to Keep your 2017 Healthy Resolutions!

1 Have an specific goal. Don’t just say, “I’m going to get fit.” Be specific. How many pounds do you want to loose, do you want to build muscle. Do you want exercise more, run more miles. Your goals should be, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART).??

2 Keep Track of Your Progress. If you don’t know if you’re achieving your goal how will you keep going? Knowing how close you’re to your goal is a motivation. Measure your progress and push harder if you are failing.

3.Patience is a virtue. I know we all want things NOW! But when it comes to our body specially, we have to be patient. Those diets and exercise programs that promise miracles in 7 days will usually rebound.

4. Get Support. We all like to be ?? for our achievements and I know you might not want to know you’re are trying to loose weight, in case you fail, but it takes courage to admit it. Here’s an idea, get a fit partner, a girlfriend, sister, boyfriend, so you both can keep on eye on each other and provide support, plus is always more fun to workout with a friend.

5. Schedule Time For You. The #1 “reason”  is actually an excuse,  people don’t exercise is because they “don’t have time!” But who has time to do anything? I know I don’t that’s why I schedule my daily workout at 5:30 or 6am, because that’s the time I’m always free, so there’s never an excuse to not exercise. Make your fitness goal a priority and schedule it in your calendar, the same way you schedule a doctor’s appointment. Be serious about it! Only this way you’ll accomplish your goal!

6 Be realistic. Don’t set your goal to run a marathon if you’ve never run or to loose 20 pounds in 1 month. Set realistic goals. The point to start getting healthier so if you choose to walk 30 minutes a day, that’s perfect! If you only have time to  workout 20 minutes 3 time a week, it’s great, something is always better than nothing.

7 Make healthier choices . This is the easiest and at the same time the most difficult for some people because we all have bad habits, I include myself. But  a few changes in our diet here and there will make a huge difference. Nowadays there are plenty of choices so you don’t have to sacrifice flavor, you can still enjoy a good meal without the carbs here are some of my favorite latest discoveries:

  • Banza is not pasta but it tastes like pasta, it’s made with chickpeas instead of wheat. Banza has 25g of
    protein, 13g of fiber, and 40% fewer net carbs per serving than traditional pasta. I really fills you up with healthy stuff so you don’t starve yourself and binge later. I was so confused that couldn’t believe it wasn’t pasta so I asked Banza Co-Founder/CEO, Brian Rudolph’s, Why Chickpeas?-When you think of chickpeas, you probably think of hummus and falafel. Both are delicious. But behind the scenes, chickpeas are also
    nutritious. Chickpeas are the reason our pasta has 25g of protein
    and 13g of fiber per serving. Beans are also a staple in the diets of
    some of the healthiest and longest living populations in the world.

Banza Mac & Cheese Which kid doesn’t love Mac & Cheese! Get ready, because after they try Banza Mac & Cheese they will love it even more! But it’s good because Banza Mac & Cheese is made with chickpeas instead of wheat, it has 2X the protein, 8X the fiber, and fewer net carbs, you can make every night mac & cheese night!

My kids love it! They can’t get enough! It’s delicious, even I like it and since it’s protein, no guilt to eat it!

Watch my kids dressing up their Banza Mac & Cheese during our Monday Facebook Live, they had lots of fun adding different ingredients to their Mac & Cheese and (1) viewers won a package of Banza Mac & Cheese!

I LOVE ICE CREAM! But when I eat it I’m always feeling gulty because of all the calories but the other day while shopping at the supermarket I discovered!

  • Halo Top Creamery It has less then 300 calories per pint! All natural, high-protein and low-sugar! And it tastes delicious! I actually said I’m only going to eat half, but I couldn’t stop and I finish the pint but I didn’t feel guilty because it was only 270 calories!

I’m constantly posting on social media Healthy but delicious products so stay tuned and if you know of any products that don’t sacrifice flavor but are healthy for you. Share them with us!








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