How Happy Are You? Tips To Reach Your Peak Level of Happiness

How happy are you? Have you stopped to check-in with yourself lately and taken stock of how happy you are in each aspect of your life? As moms we often forget about our own happiness in the pursuit of daily long-term goals or even in pursuit of the happiness of others like our children. And while making others happy definitely gives us happiness, there are areas in your life where you should continually take inventory according to the new book by Sammy Lee, “Project Heha: The Movement to Co-Create a Happier World.”

“Project Heha: The Movement to Co-Create a Happier World,” gives insight into Sammy Lee, an author, father and CEO of a billion dollar company. This book and movement to help to co-create a happier world by offering the tools needed to make happiness flourish was inspired by his own experiences running a multi-billion dollar business and realizing that his health and overall wellbeing was deteriorating. After experiencing a downfall in all crucial aspects of his life, Lee took charge to restructure the core areas of his life and focused on exploring ways to seek happiness and a healthier lifestyle. His journey and the habits and practices he used as a corporate leader, parent and citizen to increase his happiness are what he teaches in his free book and workshops. He applied perception based practices to achieve happiness and created an easy to use model to achieve happiness in the most important areas of life. The book is really short but impactful and FREE and reminds us that by continually taking stock of the things that need improvement and creating habits that help improve those areas every day, we can increase and sustain happiness. Unlike other self-help, one-stop-shop, happiness books, Lee notes that there isn’t one solution for happiness but instead, a constant assessment of life that needs to be done by the reader in order to reflect and constantly improve your happiness score.

The book breaks down five key areas in your life: Health, Family, Work, Friends, Leisure plus one other: Mindset. This is aptly called the 5+1 model which is used in continual evaluation and assessment of your life helping you reflect and consistently improve. Energy in all aspects of our life transpires to our loved ones and all of our environments making it crucial for us to remain balanced, focused and positive. While we may feel that we sometimes fall short as mothers, sisters, daughters and leaders, the most important thing of all is ensuring that we are first happy ourselves in order to make others happy.

Balancing parenting, marriage, careers and more is a day in the life of the everyday modern woman however, to give our best we must be at our best and that includes achieving individual bliss and holistic wellness.

This anecdotal book and journey will help you clear your mind’s clutter and reframe your life’s perception to reach your peak level of happiness. As you wear your many capes, take a step back and reflect on what you need and desire for genuine and lasting bliss.

For more information about Project Heha’s movement for global happiness, their workshops or their free book visit Download their free book here and like their Facebook and Instagram pages for daily happiness inspiration.






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