Let’s Talk About Sex with our Children

What’s the perfect age to talk to our children about sex? What do we say, what do we avoid at each age and what kind of pictures should we show our kids?
In this vlog you’ll learn how to have the conversations about sex! Not conversation, because as the expert says there should be many sex talks with our children.

Share your tips on How to talk to our kids about sex, post a comment below or sends us a Youtube Video link HERE


  1. Ah, yes, I remember having “the talk” with both my daughters when they wer little (I also remember wishing for the only time that I had a son, so that my husband could take up some of this responsibility). It’s important to know that we can’t depend on their schools and teachers to educate our children about sexuality and other life skills.

  2. Loved this video on talking to your kids about sex and sexuality. I’m so glad my mother taught me how to have this awkward talk by being very forthright, but also with a great deal of respect for the act. It was always something very good, but it was also private. What a great way to present it.

  3. There wasn’t a lot of conversation in my household, but my husband and I are going to be pretty open about stuff. I’d rather my son be able to ask when he wants to know and us be able to have many talks over his growing years instead of one big one.


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