Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes (Review)

My boys and I were guests of Feld Entertainment which made this article possible.

I’ll be sincere, I’m not a Super Heroes fan even though I have two boys, but I have to say I really enjoyed Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes last night.

I love that the main Super Heroes Stars of the show are my favorite Super Heroes (These ones I love!) Guardians of the Galaxy, they’re the open act and you’ll see them many times throughout the show. 

The special effects are just amazing, the big screen which I imagine is 3D brings the images to life and adults and kids are amazed how it seems as the characters come out of the screen, like Spider-man in New York City.

Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes is filled with action, surprises great effects is so entertaining, my kids didn’t even blink!

Watch the video!

Guardians of the Galaxy , Spider-man, Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, they all join forces in a race against time to recover the Wand of Watoomb before it falls into Loki’s hands.

The Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe face off against some of the most threatening villains such as; Loki, Nebula, Yondy, Electro, Green Goblin, Rhino, Black Cat and more. Watch the video!

Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes is around 2 hours and 20 minutes with a 20 minutes intermediate, the show is so action packed that times flies fast. Kids and adults will enjoy the show.

Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes show runs through Sunday August 27th at Valley View Casino Center, tickets start at $15! More information and tickets click here:




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