Mickey’s Halloween Party, It’s NOT What You Think It Is & Top Tips.

We were guests of The Disneyland Resort.

That’s right! Mickey’s Halloween Party at the Disneyland Resort It’s NOT What You think It Is if you ever been and if you have been in years past.

For my family and I there’s no Halloween if we don’t attend Mickey’s Halloween Party, it’s our favorite non-scary super fun tradition, but this year is better then ever! Because the Disney California Adventure is part of the pre-party! So here are some top tips to enjoy the biggest and best non-scary celebration for the whole family!

Mickey’s Halloween Party goes like this. The actual party starts at 7pm at Disneyland Park, but you can arrive 3 hours prior the beginning of the party and enjoy Halloween Time either at Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure which this year is also part of the non-scary celebration at the Disneyland Resort. TIP: I suggest getting to Disneyland Resort at 4pm sharp to take advantage of this amazing deal!

Halloween Time at Disney California Adventure When my kids and I attended Mickey’s Halloween Party, we got to Disneyland Resort at 4pm and went straight to Disney California Adventure to enjoy our favorite rides, later on get even more crowded. Oogie Boogie took over Disney California Adventure. Inspired by “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Oogie Boogie’s spell is all over the park, from the entrance.

And throughout Buena Vista Street. Check out the swarm of bats at Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge

Also at Carthay Circle, you’ll see a new, 10-foot-tall statue of the Headless Horseman holding his jack-o-lantern head to the sky. Great photo opportunity!

You must visit, Radiator Springs at Cars Land which it’s Radiator Screams during Haul-O-Ween Time! I would suggest wait after sunset when it looks even more amazing. Check out my post to see how Route 66 was decorated for the season! Haul-O-Ween Time at Cars Land

But the main reason we started at Disney California Adventure was because of our favorite NEW Disney ride Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! , which during Halloween time it’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark 

After sunset everything goes dark and it’s time to save Groot! You gotta ride it and experience Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark  the music and the ride are totally different than from daytime, it’s amazing!

Time for Mickey’s Halloween party at Disneyland Park! At 7pm The guests who don’t have a Mickey’s Halloween Party tickets have to leave the park, that means the park is not as crowded. The first thing we always do is to take a photo at the giant Mickey Mouse jack-o’-lantern in the middle of Main Street, U.S.A it’s a tradition. This year my boys and I were the Heroes team! Star Loard & Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy and Indiana Jones! (I think he’s cuter then Harrison Ford, but of course I’m his mom!) TIP: And Yes! The lines for this photo could be insane so here’s my tip. Either take a photo at 4pm, wait for right after the Frightfully Fun Parade or before closing when the lines are much smaller.

After the photo, of course my kids couldn’t  wait for Trick-Or-Treating (They earned it with after this amazing picture!) So we head to the candy trails! There are so many candy stations around Disneyland Park, it’s amazing! (They’ll give you a map of candy stations and a candy bag at the entrance)

Even though the lines at the candy stations seem very long, they go very fast and you get lots of GOOD candies! Yes, me to!

During Mickey’s Halloween party, Disneyland is completely transformed. The lights around the park are dimmed and the Halloween decorations Disney style are everywhere!

There’s fun Halloween music playing with projections on the walls of the buildings on Main Street, U.S.A

There are Mickey ghosts around the park.

And don’t forget the Halloween Time is when the Disney Villains take over the park! There are so many photo opportunities , so make sure to have plenty of memory in your camera or phone.

As I told you during Mickey’s Halloween Party the parks are not as crowded because it’s a ticketed event, so my kids and I usually go on 8 or 10 rides during the non-scary Disney party. My boys can’t miss riding Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, and my must is  Haunted Mansion Holiday. BEST TIP! When buying your tickets add the Disney Max Pass which is only $10 per ticket, per day!  You’ll be able to download, save and share all of your Disney Photo pass but can also reserve digital Disney Fastpass selections right from your mobile device using the Disneyland app while you’re in the parks. It’s the best thing ever!!!

If dancing is your groove, like me! There’s a dance party over at tomorrowland!

We love the Frightfully Fun Parade, TIP: But if you want to watch it make sure you get a good spot 1 hour prior to the start of the parade which starts by It’s Small World so get a seat closer to this attraction so when it ends you can get up and continue enjoying the fun. If you sit by Main Street for example it’s takes 30 minutes more.

There’s no better way to end your day at Mickey’s Halloween Party than watching “Halloween Screams-A Villainous Surprise in the Skies” but again, you must get a good spot at least 1 hour prior to the fireworks. The best part is in front of Walt Disney and Mickey statute in the middle of Main Street U.S.A because there are projections on the Sleeping beauty castle and Jack Skellington makes an appearance on the skies. TIP: if you don’t want to see the fireworks show, this is the best time to go on the rides, the wait is usually less than 15 minutes.

This is how my kids ended their super frightfully fun day at Mickey’s Halloween Party (They were waiting for me while I was taking photos, ups!)

Mickey’s Halloween Party is sold out for the year 2017, so if you have a ticket, Good for you! Follow my tips so you can enjoy the non-scary celebration at Disney Parks which goes until October 31st. If you don’t have a ticket, I’m sorry 🙁 Next year make sure you buy them as soon as they go on sale which is around August!

Happy Halloween!



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