Mom Politeness. Is there such a thing?

We, MOMS get so involved with our kids that sometimes forget about our manners.I mean is it ok to change a baby’s diaper at a restaurant booth?

moms with no manners

Watch the video to get some tips on how to have manners even during crazy mom moments and how to teach kids manners so they behave when you’re our an about.Listen to what Etiquette Expert, Elaine Swan has to say about this and other  MOM scenarios.


  1. Great informaton, especially the part about changing the diapers at the table – yuck! My poor husband sat next to a woman on a flight who changed a poop diaper on the tray table in front of her.

  2. Ooh…I’m guilty…I forget sometimes….it can be so overwhelming, particularly when they’re young and as a mom you’re just trying to survive and get out of the house to do things that have to get done.


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