The Nightmare Before Christmas Party Ideas

Jack Skellington at disneyland

My son is a HUGE fan of the Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, he adores Jack Skellington so for his 5th Birthday that was the theme and I love it because you can be as creative as you want and it’s so easy. Here I tell you all about The Nightmare Before Christmas party ideas so you can have a fabulous Birthday party like we did!


Since I love to vlog, I do video invitations, which are always a BIG hit, this year my son wanted to sing “This is Halloween” I looked for a Jack Skellington t-shirt for kids and couldn’t find one that I liked, so I did it my self, it was so easy! And the invitation turned out awesome! Watch it!


Our party was 10 days before Christmas so I focused more on the Christmas part than on Halloween. Everything was black and white; plates, cups, linens, napkins, forks.

The Nightmare before christmas party ideas

I used PartyPail products for the 1st time and I loved them! They’re great quality at a lower price and they looked great! Specially the linen-like tablecloths which have a have a plastic material that protects the tabletop and allows spills to be wiped up easily and you know during children birthday parties there always spills.

partypail linens

I also used PartyPail black and white balloons and this Black Zebra Stripe Curl Ribbon which it was perfect for the theme!


For the centerpieces, I made black Christmas trees using a wood stick which I painted black, a piece of foam for the stand and pipe cleaners which I twisted around the wood stick, I found tiny red Christmas balls at a local store and I added a few pumpkins and bats, I also spread some plastic spiders  and candy canes on the tables. If it’s a Halloween party you can add more scary items to the tree.

The Nightmare before christmas party ideas

The Cake

My son wanted cake pops so ordered them from a bakery in Tijuana, MX from where I’ve been getting my cakes for the last 10 years because they’re not only gorgeous but they’re delicious! Just look at this cake pops! They were a hit! For the stand what I did was, wrap 3 pieces of foam with red wrapping paper and I added two Jack Skellington coffins I got during Halloween at Disneyland.

cake new Collage

Goody Bags

I always like to give my guests something they will keep and it will remind them of his friend. Since it was Holiday Season I wanted something for the Christmas tree, but buying Jack Skellington ornaments  would have been VERY expensive ($20.00 each!) But that’s why I love the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas, because it’s so easy to make anything you want with Jack Skellington. I found very inexpensive but good quality white glass Christmas balls at Walmart and with glass paint I painted Jack Skellington’s face and put a red ribbon which I got from PartyPail as well.

the nightmate before chritsmas party ideas

I wanted the goody bag to have a touch of Christmas, so I bought clear plastic goody bags, added a few red and white candies (Kisses, M&M’s, Twizzlers, candy canes) and wrap it on the top holding the Christmas ball, they looked gorgeous don’t you think? They were a hit because no one expects a goodie bag so creative!

the nightmate before chritsmas party ideas

Every year when my kid’s friends put up their Christmas tree they will remember my son because I wrote his name and year of the party on the back.

the nightmate before chritsmas party ideas

As you can see throwing a The Nightmare Before Christmas party it’s super easy and fun! There are tons The Nightmare Before Christmas party party ideas and you can be very creative and choose if you want to have a “Halloween” or “Christmas” party by adding  more  elements.

The Nightmare before christmas party idas

Our Jack Skellington party was a hit, the guests had a blast but most importantly, my little one was EXTREMELY happy! And I got lots of hugs and kisses which is priceless!

The Nightmate before christmas party ideas

Do you have any ideas for a The Nightmare Before Christmas party? Share it whit us!

Are you throwing a Birthday or Holiday Party? I highly recommend you to visit PartyPail and see all the great products the have to make you party fabulous! They have everything you need!

Want a video invitation? Contact me, I’ll be happy to produce it for you!

Disclosure: PartyPail provided plates, cups, linens, napkins, forks, ballons and ribbons which made this review possible, as always all opinions are my own.



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