How to Teach Children to Dress Formally & JCPenney Gift Card Giveaway

How to teach kids to dress formally
I have two boys, 7 & 8 and it was, still is sometimes a struggle to make them wear formal clothes, either for special occasions or just for Sunday brunch. Because they’re so active and always jumping, running getting dirty, I think it might be a little more difficult to teach boys vs. girls to wear nice clothes, but that didn’t stop me, I wanted to boys to look sharp! It wasn’t easy as I said but I think I’ve achieved my goal and the older they get the more they’ll like to dress nice, so here are my tips to teach your kids to always dress and look sharp.

Tips to Teach Children to Dress Formally and Always Looking Sharp

  1. Don’t Force Them. You can’t force kids to dress formal, you have to make them understand, there’s an occasion for everything! T-Shirts and Flip Flops for beach and  hot days at park, jeans and T-Shirt for non-formal days, jeans and shirt for semi-formal days, trousers and shirt for formal days and tie or bow tie for special occasions etc..
  2. Make a Deal with Them. Give them a “Free dress” day when they can wear anything they want, but, teach them to mix and match their clothes. “Free dress” doesn’t mean “Rags Day” Teach them which color goes with what, which shoes to wear with every outfit etc..
  3. Give them Incentives. Reward them with new clothes or shoes when they dress appropiatley for the occasion. I sometimes tell my children where we’re are going without telling them if it’s formal or not and  if I let them select their clothes and whoever makes the right choice I take him shopping and they can choose which ever item of clothing they want. (On a Budget of course)
  4. Set an Example. Like everything else you can’t make kids do anything if we don’t do it right? But in this case you might need help of an idol, celebrity or TV Show. For example my kids like a few songs from Justin Timberlake, I showed them a photo of him looking sharp and they asked me to buy them a bow tie, I was so excited!!! I also showed them a picture of Justin Bieber (Bad boy images) To see “What Not to do”
  5. Shop with Them. I know, you’re thinking what? No way! But if you want them to learn how to dress nice they have to like the clothes they have. Assigned a day and take them to the store and ask them what kind of clothes they like and give them examples; special occasion, formal and informal parties, Sunday brunch, Easter, Christmas etc.. Learn what they like! The goal is to teach them how to dress formally, knowing what to wear for every occasion but keeping their style! Don’t force them, guide them!
  6. Teach them to “Dress for Success” In my case the perfect example is my husband, because he always dresses for success even when we’re going to the park or Disneyland, I know he’s the extreme and that’s not our goal, but what I tell my children is to dress for occasion and they way you look is very important to achieve your goals. I know my boys are only 7 & 8 but I think it’s never too early to teach kids to dress and look nice.

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how to teach kids to dress formally and jcpenney giveaway
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  1. La ropa firmal es importante para nuestra vida pues la usamos en eventos importantes y nos ayuda a ver en nuestra persona elegancia, educacion, respeto yo se los dijo a mis hijos y le enseño a vestirse bien en todo momento pued a demas de la limpieza personal la ropa es importante tambien. Me encanta estar a la moda junto con mi familia

  2. We dress formally for church. I think its important for children to understand that different events require different attire. It’s easier for children to learn now rather than later.

  3. Right now my kids don’t seem to mind getting dressed up, I usually give them a few options of dressy clothing so it feels like they’re in control of what they wear.


  4. I have three boys and to get them to dress up (which is a very rare occasion) I tell them that there are special places and gatherings when they need to dress up fancy. They just go along with it. It’s important to me because it’s nice to dress up everyone once in a while.

  5. My girls HATE to dress up, but when it’s required they are smart enough to know not to argue. They grumble, but they do it. There is usually some kind of reward for afterwards (ice cream, etc.)
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  6. My little ones always liked to dress up. It wasn’t until my oldest 2 became preteens that they decided they didn’t like dressing up anymore. They know it necessary for certain occasions though so they don’t usually give me to much trouble

  7. My son hates button up shirts, but I make him wear them to church. I tell him that it’s important to look your best and he seems to understand somewhat. He likes to make momma happy so he wears what I tell him to.


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