Tips for Staying Active and Eat Healthy With Kids

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Having the kids at home during the summer is no excuse to not stay active and interrupt our workout routine.

On the contrary, summer is the best time to start a workout routine because our schedules are more relax and flexible since our days are less hectic.

I workout every day 45 minutes to one hour and a half, I’m not saying you should do the same, but you should find at least 30 minutes a day to workout or stay active.

Here are my best tips for

Staying Active and Eat Healthy With Kids

Find “You” Time

This is imperative otherwise we’ll go crazy! Sign the kids on a camp at least for a few hours or wake up before they, which is what I do when my boys don’t have a camp during the summer. I know they’ll wake up around 8am so I wake up around 7am and workout, I love this time for my self. It’s also important to tell let them know that if they wake up and you’re working out they should find something to do, because that’s your time.

Plan Active Time With Your Kids

Kids of active parents are more active, lead by example! If your kids see that you like to workout they will like to exercise as well. My kids watch me every morning working out, they know it’s hard and it takes discipline, but they know I love to work out because I want to be healthy and that’s exactly what I want, for them to see staying active as fun and not as an obligation.

During the summer I plan am outdoor activity with them such as; ride our bikes around our neighborhood, swimming, play tennis (250 to 300 calories in a half-hour session) I even take them running with me. You can tell them to run for 5 minutes and rest 2; as the days go by increase the running time.  When we started running together last year my boys wouldn’t even last 2 minutes, but now they can run at least a mile with me. Schedule a fun outdoor activity for 3o minutes to 1 hour at least 3 times a week, every day if you can! You can burn about 450 calories every 30 minutes (based on an eight-minute mile)

Leave The Car and Get Active!

We are lucky to live in a very safe community, where there’s a huge park so we can safely walk every where and there are plenty of bike lanes and sometimes I find my self driving to my neighbors house who lives 4 blocks away from my house. In the summer epecially, we walk or bike everywhere! I told my kids we were only using our car if our destination is more than 15 minutes driving, they even go to soccer camp on their bikes, it’s been amazing and biking is a great exercise. If you bike let’s say at 10mph for 1 hour and your weight is around 150 lbs you’ll burn around 280 calories, not bad right?

Leave the ipad and Join the Fun

I’m guilty of this. We take kids to say, indoor jumping, rock climbing and we sit on a bench and spend 1 hour on Facebook or Instagram. Instead join the fun! If adults are allowed, jump, climb with them, you will kill two birds with one shot doing this. You’ll be burning calories and spending quality time with your kids who love when we play with them. This tip is my favorite because you’re being a good mom while burning calories, what more do you want!

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Working out is only half of the work to stay fit and healthy, you have to eat healthy meals, not the left over mac & cheese of your kids! I know it’s difficult to eat balanced meals especially when we are out & about with the little ones, but there’s ways to do it and here are my tips for easy healthy eating.

Here are my tips for to Eat Healthy Every Day

1 Don’t Skip Meals

Try eating 3 meals a day, plus two snacks. Make sure you space your meals throughout the day so that you don’t go longer than 3 hours without eating. This is very important to keep the metabolism moving and burn calories.

2 Ready To-Go Snacks

One of the main reasons we don’t eat healthy is because when hunger strikes we reach out for whatever is available and it’s usually something we shouldn’t eat, like sweets or carbs.

  1. Fruit snacks. Berries are a  superfood because they’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, plus they’re low-GI. Three quarters of a cup of fresh blueberries has 62 calories and 16 grams (g) of carbohydrates.
  2. Veggie Snacks. Go Green and red! Cucumber, broccoli, celery, squash and tomatoes are veggies with very low sugar and carb levels. Add some lemon and enjoy!
  3. Almonds  are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and manganese, they are also a good source of protein, fiber and they’re very beneficial for people with diabetes. 1 ounce of almonds (about 23) has about 170 calories.

3 Water, water and more water!

Felling hungry or do think you’re hungry? Before reaching out for that snack, ask yourself these questions: Am I really hungry or is it a craving? When was the last time I ate? If you ate less than 2 hours ago, pour yourself a huge glass of water and drink it, better yet, get a big bottle of water and have it with you at all times so you’re constantly drinking water, after a few weeks of doing it, drinking water will become a habit. You can be creative by adding a slice of lemon to your water which is one of the best things for your body. It keeps you hydrated and flushes out any toxins in your body.

4 I Want More Protein!

According to several studies,  protein appears to help prolong satiety more than carbohydrates or fat can, so eat protein 3 times a day, consuming even a little bit of protein with each of your meals and snacks will help you stay full,  but eating more protein than your body needs will NOT boost your metabolism, so be careful. I Always have some kind of frozen fish, specially salmon which I can’t live without it. Add a cup or two of lettuce and kale, chop some tomatoes add 1/2 cup of quinoa, salmon, lemon juice and a bit of sea salt and you have a delicious, easy to prepare and healthy lunch or dinner.

5 Keep Yourself busy

Think about something else being bored, stressed or emotionally unsatisfied can trigger the thought of being hungry, when this happens, find a way to divert your attention so that you don’t go for that instant gratification. Get up and go for a walk, call a friend, organize a room or closet, play with your kids! Stay busy, if you don’t have a job, volunteer at your kids’ school, become a member of a gym or community group, anything to keep your mind away from food you don’t need.

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What are your Tips for Staying Active and Eat Healthy With Kids, specially during the summer? Share them with us!


















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