What You Wear Can Motivate You or Discourage You to Exercise

Are you looking for motivation to workout or get back into a fitness routine? Look no further than your closet! What you wear when you workout can either motivate or discourage you! Think about how you feel when you wear nice, sexy or flattering clothes, your fell great right? Like you can accomplish many things, you feel ready to conquer the world! You want everyone to see you and you post dozens of photos on social media.

You can accomplish that same feeling when working out, I’m not saying that you have to wear make up or do your hair, but you need to feel good about yourself otherwise you’ll feel depress and you won’t give 100% in your workout.

What I’m saying is simple:

  • Spend in 2 or 3 nice workout outfits, I usually buy 2 capri leggins, 2 tops and 1 or 2 pullovers. I select colors I mix and match, this way I have 4 outfits.
  • When buying fitness clothing, make sure they flatten your body, if you have a nice chest, show it! If you’re big on the hips don’t buy bright colors, choose dark colors such as black or grey. If you like to show your waist buy tight tops if you want to hide those extra pounds go for loose tanks, nowadays there are so many fun activewear styles!
  • I buy workout clothes almost every month and I’m always looking for fun, bright colors but most of all comfortable otherwise my workout is not the same.

Like this outfit from Xersion™, the activewear collection sold exclusively at JCPenney, that are under $50!

This Xersion™Colorblock Inset Capri Leggings and Long-Sleeve Half-Zip Pullover are comfortable, they flatter my body and I love the bright color!

The mid rise Xersion™Colorblock Inset Capri Leggings ($17.99) are quick dry fabric, made of cotton/spandex, they fit great!

Plus they have a key pocket and string you can pull to adjust the waist of the leggings.

The Xersion™ Long-Sleeve Half-Zip Pullover  ($17.09) is also Quick-Dri® moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you dry it has reflective details for low-light visibility, for those early or late runs, thumbholes to keep sleeves in place, jersey knit made with polyester/spandex. I love how soft and comfortable!

This activewear make me look and feel great while staying on track to accomplish my 2016 fitness goals. If getting fit is one of your 2016 resolutions, start by spending a few bucks on nice looking/feel great activewear. Only you can know how to motivate yourself to exercise, find what it is and do it!


Disclosure: I received a Xersion™Colorblock Inset Capri Leggings and Long-Sleeve Half-Zip Pullover for review, as always all opinions are my own.






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